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What's Next?

Before you decide on your next steps, think about whether the job you want asks for a specific qualification – if so you will need to find a course that can offer you that.


These are a few of your options for further learning:


- You can study at college full time, or study part time alongside a job. 

- Colleges offer a broard range of subjects and courses to study, so you're bound to find something that interests you. This includes subjects you might have done at school such as english or maths, but also work-related courses like plumbing, office skills, or beauty therapy.

- Continuing to study will keep your options open when it comes to your career. Afterwards you could go on to higher education or get a better job thanks to your qualification.  


- Apprenticeships offer work-based training which give you the opportunity to work alongside real professionals as you learn.

- You will also be earning a real wage and getting a headstart on your career - 85% of apprentices remain in employment.

- There are hundred of options when it comes to choosing an apprenticeship: from engineering and construction to catering and tourism. 

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- Traineeships are a great place to start if you are still feeling uncertain about your future.

- Traineeships offer skills-based training for people aged 16-19 – providing help with everything from english and maths to work placements.

-After completing your training you have the option to go on to find a job or do an apprenticeship.

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