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Applying for training courses

Applying for training courses through Ready to Work Kent is easy. If you've already registered, all you have to do is find a course you're interested in and click 'apply'.

How do you choose which course to apply for?

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Think about what you need to learn before you can take the next step in your career or education.

Think about which skills you'd like to improve and what you've struggled with in the past.

There are three key skills that employers look for in their candidates:

Knowlege of these subjects shows that you have a good foundation to build on for future learning in the workplace.

If you feel like you could improve your knowledge in one of these areas then look for training courses that focus on that subject. Training courses aim to build these key skills and prepare you for a successful working life.

Applying for jobs and apprenticeships

Once you've completed some training courses and you're ready to take the next step you will probably be applying for a job or an apprenticeship. 

This is a little bit different as you will have to complete several steps:

The Personal Statement

This is your chance to tell employers who you are and what you can do - it's like an advert, so don't be afraid to really sell yourself.

The CV

Your CV is a summary of your education, work experience and skills.

The Job Interview

You might think you don’t need to prepare for an interview, but that isn’t true. This is the first impression your employer will have of you, so you want to get it right. 

You can find out more about all the stages of applying for jobs at The National Careers Service.