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About this Site

Ready to Work Kent is a website for young people who are not going to sixth form, college, or are unemployed and exploring their training options.

This site aims to support young people and those practitioners working with them, to research and apply for suitable training courses that will support their progress into work, apprenticeships and further education.  

In order to acheive our goal we need training providers to register with us and post their training courses.

The benefits of the site include:

- Easy to use search functions for young people and practitioners to find training opportunities in their area.

- Applications made online are forwarded directly to the training provider to follow up.

- Training providers will have the ability to update their own content on the website as often as they like - including courses, news, events, case studies and video content.

- Comprehensive reporting functionality has been built into the website so providers can record the progress of clients during and after the completion of their course.