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My Journey - Independence, Confidence and Motivation

  • Location: Maidstone
  • Suitable Towns: Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells
  • Dates: Continuous
  • Duration: 1 Week - 6 Weeks
  • Qualification Level: Certificate in Skills for Independent Living Entry Level 3
  • Travel: Get Directions
  • Progression Routes: Entry back into work
  • Suitable for EHCP: Yes - Additional support available
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Course Details

The course is aimed at learners 18+ who want to understand what best motivates them and identify where they are starting from and where they want to finish. Learners will understand what potential they have and what support they need, what skills they have and what skills they need to develop. It is for adults who may be in earlier stages of their journey back to work and are looking to increase independence and progress in learning, life and work. 

Course Benefits

Allows you to find your own starting point. 

Find out what motivates you. 

Builds confidence.

Find out what support you need in your journey 

Find out how you best learn 

Being able to make choices about your life, The best choices for you 

Enable you to make changes for the better 

Gives you the tools to take charge and control 

Equipts you to understand the view of others