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15-24 Beginners Skills Training

  • Location: Deal, Whitstable
  • Suitable Towns: Deal, Dover, Folkestone
  • Dates: Continuous
  • Duration: 1 Week - 6 Weeks
  • Qualification Level: Foundation / Level 1
  • Vocational Area: Business Enterprise, Entrepreneurial Skills, Retail, Wood Work
  • Travel: Get Directions
  • Progression Routes: Apprenticeships, School, College, Employment, Volunteering.
  • Suitable for EHCP: Yes -
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Course Details

Bespoke course for a variety of skills, Business & Enterprise through to Job interview and CV preparation


Students attend one day per week.  The course provides great flexibility to include required learning and is easily adapted for those students who have special educational needs.  On completion of the course we aim that students will be inspired to engage in further educational programmes; they will also take home their completed personally designed skateboard ready to ride or sell as the start for their own enterprise project. There is also the opportunity for students to move onto the intermediate course.


Course Benefits

The course is bespoke to the student encompassing the skills they need to flourish, they can progress on to the intermediate course for further deck building and entreprenerial experience and an ASDAN Qualification or for students to re enter full time education or employment.

This course can be used as a re-engagement tool for PRU students and NEETS. The FAR Academy is wheelchair accessible and caters for all abilities.